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Before Marcus Brown became Finance Specialist for FosterClub, he was a standout young leader as a 2010 All-Star Intern, 2011 All-Star Level 2 Intern, 2012 Program Support Intern and 2013 Intern at the National Resource Center for Youth Development (University of Oklahoma). As a staff member, Marcus is responsible for youth stipends, account payable and receivable, record and bookkeeping, and fundraising development. He has experience in nonprofit management, international non-profit administration, and domestic and international foster care advocacy. Through his experience of the foster care industry, advocacy efforts and sense of humor, Marcus is a valuable asset in the office and might hold the key to the office chocolate stash.

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FC: What do you do when you are not working?
MB: First and foremost I enjoy being with my family when I am not working. I enjoy volunteering, farming, going on mini adventures, running, and doing anything outdoors.

FC: Any family and/or pets you want to claim?
MB: I have two amazing parents whom are not only my mom and dad, but also my heroes and role models. I have 22 siblings through adoption. I have a very supportive and loving fiancé. I have two beautiful daughters: Luna an adopted Husky Mix and Nala an adopted German Shepherd.

FC: What is your experience with Foster Care?
MB: I spent 5 years in Michigan's foster care system before finding my forever family. Experience with both domestic and international foster care advocacy work. 

FC: Tell us two truths, one lie about you. (Don't tell us which one is the lie!)
MB: 1) I have been to 9 countries. 2) My favorite food is Banku and Red Sauce. 3) I have had more cars then number of years I have had a license.

FC: What is your favorite thing about coming to work each day?
MB: Favorite thing about coming to work everyday is knowing that it will never be the same day twice and that I get to work with some of the most dedicated, talented individuals.

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