Kristianna Moore

Idaho Foster Care System

24 years old


Kristianna is a native Idahoan. She is the oldest of 5 kids. She has two younger sisters, two younger brothers, and a niece who just turned 1 on July 27th. Her siblings are important to her and she is heavily motivated by them. She strives to be a good role model for them. Having younger siblings helped her develop her baking, cooking, teaching, and community skills. Through them, she was able to learn the art of patience and generosity. She also learned that time passes far too quickly.

Kristianna’s hobbies include running, biking, hiking, dancing, socializing, reading, and learning. Outdoor activities are continuously appealing to her. She plays tennis in her neighborhood fairly regularly and is very happy with her racket. She also loves traveling and has gone to most of the contiguous states. She enjoys a safe thrill such as amusement park rides and living vicariously through the characters of Grey’s Anatomy. Above all, she enjoys the moments she gets with those she cares about. Those moments are cherished. Her days are long and productive, but her months are short.

Kristianna’s goal is to be happy, successful, and to live in the moment. She hopes to see everyone living their best life. She graduated from the Respiratory Therapy program, where she was able to nurture her passion for respiratory therapy and patient care. She aspires to be a respiratory therapist and help patients breathe better. Kristianna is a proponent of equality and an advocate for bettering the community. She participates in foster youth advocacy and has been able to see many changes in policy. Bettering the lives of foster children is one of her biggest passions and she pours her heart into the work. She brings this energy to every avenue where she is capable of helping people. She pursues the idea of being the change that she wants to see in the world.