Kelsey Burrus spent over 2 years in Missouri's foster care system.

Kelsey came into care at age 17 and has been living with her very supportive aunt. She's been deeply involved in her community and in her high school. She was recently awarded the prestigious Ladue Pride Award. An award for honesty, self-discipline and responsibility. In addition, she was honored with the Outstanding Character Award given by the African American Student Association. Kelsey's leadership also was exhibited in athletic competition. She participated in field hockey, track and field, swim and dive team. She uses her passion for hip-hop dance to mentor young girls through the Dynasty Hip-Hop Inc. Mentoring Program. She has even helped coach University City's cheerleading team. Clearly, there's never a shortage of motivation for Kelsey. She's currently enrolled in college, with her dreams set on becoming a doctor and working with underserved communities that need medical care. She's already made wonderful strides in reaching that goal. Kelsey is a member of the St. Louis University Medical School 2011 Summer Scholars Program and has volunteered at two different University sponsored Camp Cardiac programs. It's clear see Kelsey's desire to engage her community and voice and actions for foster care advocacy is an inspiration.

Team(s) or Cohort(s)
2013 Outstanding Young Leaders