Eric spent 9 years in Massachusetts' foster care system. Eric, a resident of Massachusetts, has lived through the foster care system for about nine years. His life goal has been to bring justice where the voices are made silent and oppressed. It’s a tremendous goal he admits, but he states that even the littlest impact can change the world. He is currently a student at Clark University in Worcester, MA working towards a bachelor’s degree in Sociology and in International Studies, as well as with a master’s degree in Public Administration. Upon graduating, Eric hopes to continue pursuing his education in law. With the knowledge he will acquire, he desires to work in reforming and creating policies that may ensure a safer and better life for youth in the Foster Care System. He desires not only to serve in the United States, but also abroad as an envoy for international organizations such as the United Nations, or the International Justice Mission. Eric is wise, analytical, humble and a foster youth.