Elisa Coones spent 2 years in Utah's foster care system.

Miss Coones was placed in the foster system in Utah at age 16 with her little brother and remained until she aged out at 18. She had two foster homes during those two years. Elisa has now a graduated at age 20 with an impressive 3.67 GPA from Arizona State University with a Master’s in Criminal Justice. Her thesis focused on the mental health of girls that have aged out of foster care. Once she turns 21, she hopes to apply to the Police Academy and become a law enforcement officer and later advance to detective or SWAT team.

As part of the Criminal Justice Club at Dixie State University, Elisa became focused on serving the community by holding fundraisers and helping out with the Children’s Justice Center which assists child victims of abuse. She has also been on the honor roll numerous times during her undergraduate years and graduated cum laude with her bachelor's at age 19.

Last year, Elisa supported foster youth rights by traveling to Washington D.C to talk with congressmen about the Sex Trafficking and strengthening Families Act which (among other things) helps create normalcy for foster youth. Elisa loves being involved in the lives of foster youth and has recently applied for a CASA position. She hopes to help create more stability, normalcy and control for foster youth. Elisa loves being outside in warm weather, hiking, swimming, watching movies, and exercising her creativity.

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2015 Outstanding Young Leaders