David Hall spent 3 years in Oklahoma's foster care system.

David is pursuing double undergrad degrees in music education and sociology at Oklahoma City University. He has a 3.68 GPA and plans to get a Masters in Tuba Performance. He wants to teach music, be an orchestral tuba player and be a heavily involved, influential member for foster care advocacy and policy. David wants to make a difference and help foster youth achieve their potential. He has been active with the Oklahoma youth leadership board. He has been a leader for groups of students participants in church outings and mission trips. He participated in the OKIL teen conference, has been active in training foster care workers with life experiences in custody. He has been instrumental in bringing awareness to the challenges foster youth face and help make the University campus aware of those challenges and making it a friendlier environment. Already making an impact, David was voted president of R is for Thursday in 2014 and 2015. They coordinated life skill groups for transitioning foster youth on the campus of Oklahoma City University.