Danno Mannino headshot

Years in care: 6

Danno is a social justice advocate from Southern Oregon. Danno's experience in care started when Danno was placed with a foster family at the age of eight. At ten, Danno was reunited with a birth parent. Danno reached out to the former foster family when that reunification wasn't successful. Danno experienced temporary legal guardianship with that same family until the age of thirteen. Danno was reunified for the last time with that birth parent, before leaving home at the age of seventeen without legal emancipation or help from a transitional living program. Danno's older sibling helped them in this transition.

Danno is genderfluid and uses the neutral pronouns they/them/theirs. Their genderfluid and bisexual identity lead them to LGBTQAI+ activism with organizations such as Lotus Rising Project and Southern Oregon University's Queer Resource Center. They are currently a member of Oregon Foster Youth Connection, on the Legislative Action Team that helped pass Oregon's House Bill 2216 the Sibling Bill of Rights for Foster Youth. They recently began working with FosterClub as an All-Star Intern.

In the future, Danno hopes to go back to school for Public Policy, Child&Family Services, and/or Non-Profit Management, and has considered becoming a Paralegal.Their goal is to be a part of nonprofits that assist with food security, housing, transportation access, workplace rights, immigrant and migrant rights, LGBTQAI+ activism, mental health access, and ending domestic violence. They want to be a part of making our communities more equitable, and may one day run for public office. They also hope to write for anthologies.

In their free time Danno enjoys quality time with Ollie, their dachshund/terrier.