Cherie Olivis headshot

Cherie spent 13 years in foster care

Brief Biography: Cherie Olivis is currently a student at Slippery Rock University studying Health Service Administration with a minor in Non-Profit Management/Leadership. she was placed in foster care because her mother had an addiction to drugs. Cherie's years in foster care consisted of losts of movements between family members and foster homes. Although she does not have a case worker, she is still involved in Independent Living. Growing up in foster care she had to overcome many obstacles, include separation with her older sister, the birth of her little brother, and physical abuse.

Future aspirations: Cherie is planning to graduate from Slippery Rock University in Spring 2013. She would then like to attend graduate school for a BAS. After receiving a graduation degree, Cherie would like to open a nonprofit organization or operate a hospital program. She also would like to open a independent living home for elders.

Availability for projects: Policy development, On-site training (may require travel), Webinars, Work groups (requires on-going participation, perhaps travel)

Affiliations: FosterClub