Angela Quijada spent 4 years in North Carolina's foster care system.

Angela is currently a Junior at North Carolina Central University in North Carolina, majoring in social work. Her home state is the sweet state of California. She is a focused, determined, and resilient young woman. She first entered the foster care system at the age of sixteen along with her four younger siblings, who were eventually separated. Behind closed doors, Angela and her siblings faced periods of abuse and neglect. Separation was not helpful, since meeting regularly became hard for each of them. Having aged out of the foster-care system, Angela is ready to speak up and make a change. She participated in the 2016 Congressional Foster Youth Shadow Program as well as other advocacy programs. She holds top positions in many organizations that contribute to fostering change in a variety of topics including foster care, health and environmental solutions.

Angela's short term goals are to graduate and use her degree in Social Work to get a legislative position and live comfortably while pursuing her many passions exuding confidence and leadership. In the long term, she wants to get her Master's degree in Political Science and one day earn her Doctoral degree and become an active agent of political and social change. She also wants to start a non-profit organization to mentor and provide a life coach according to age and lifestyle in order to empower people through truth, positivity, love and support.