Alexis Minett, 20, Vermont’s Foster Care System

Alexis entered care at the age of 12, separated from her siblings, Alexis experienced going in and out of hospitals and crisis beds. At 14, she entered a residential facility and lived there for 3 years. She then was moved into a foster home where she graduated high school and left care at age 18. 

Still new to leadership and advocacy, Alexis created a foster youth perspective panel where she created questions. She was also a panelist. She spent four days in DC for a youth conference where she learned new skills, spoke about the youth development program and how it helped foster youth. She also attended a two-day conference in Massachusetts for the New England Youth Coalition.

Alexis loves to sing, dance, juggle, draw and write music.

“Growing up in the foster care system and in and out of institutions has allowed me to be independent and learn many skills on my own.”