Ashlee Kauffunger grew up in the Oregon foster care system and took to representing foster youth with participation on a therapeutic foster care panel for Greater Oregon Behavioral Health Inc. (GHOBI). As Oregon Youth Outreach Coordinator for FosterClub, Ashlee connects with foster youth aged 17-21 in the state of Oregon to provide resources, education, and support. Ashlee manages the National Youth In Transition Database Surveys that give youth the opportunity to improve the adult transitional services in Oregon. Her desire and sincere approach to helping other foster youth is infectious.

Get to Know Ashlee!

FC: What do you do when you are not working?
AK: Play video games, listen to some good live music, sunbathing, surfing, boogie boarding, love reading a good book, watching comedies, going to church with family, picking up some fresh fruit and funky jewelry from the Sunday market, and most importantly hanging with my nieces. 

FC: Tell us two truths, one lie about you. (Don't tell us which one is the lie!)
AK: 1) When I was little I could sing every Disney princess song by heart. 2) I eat chocolate pudding with potato chips. 3) I’m really bad at playing video games. 

FC: What is your favorite thing about coming to work each day?
AK: Knowing that I am helping to make a difference in the lives of young people and feel blessed to be in a position to do so.