As the Young Leader Program Coordinator, Ashlee supports the efforts to maintain relationships and build the capacity of the vast network of FosterClub’s young leaders and the multiple programs within the Young Leaders Department, such as the Outstanding Young Leaders Award, All-Star Internship, and the PSI Internship.

Pronouns: She, Her, Hers

We asked: What do you do for self-care/wellness? 
"I enjoy being with my family. Whether it is collecting seashells on the beach with my nieces and nephews, getting up early to go golfing, and going to breakfast with my husband. It's the little things - with the people I love - that balances me."

We asked: If you were a pasta share, what shape would you be and why?
"Bowtie Pasta - because it's cute and I love food!"

We asked: What is the movie title for the story of your life?
"Nevertheless She Persisted - My greatest motivation is love. I have lost a lot but that does not stop me from having a happy, positive journey with many experiences and memories to be grateful for."