NRCYD Youth Leadership ToolkitThe Youth Leadership Toolkit provides the fundamentals of meaningful youth engagement strategies. Created by the National Resource Center for Youth Development (NRCYD) in collaborating with FosterClub, the toolkit stems from the belief that youth should be involved in the design and implementation of programs, policies and practices that impact their lives.

Learn about

  • the value of Youth Engagement
  • Strategic Sharing tactics and principles
  • Public Speaking
  • get tips for conducting Focus Groups
  • Outreach tools
  • the importance of Branding
  • traveling with the detailed Travel Guide

A free download of the Youth Leadership Toolkit is available now. Download a PDF by clicking the button below.

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The Youth Leadership Toolkit is a project of the National Resource Center for Youth Development (NRCYD), funded by the Administration for Children and Families Children's Bureau, in collaboration with FosterClub, the national network for young people in foster care.



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