Combined Federal Campaign Meme FosterClub is a fun, youthful and creative non-profit for your company to work along side. We go the extra mile to build exciting partnerships with our corporate friends. We take the effort to really get to know you and your staff, and make sure that working with us is a rewarding experience for us all.

Our cause is an engaging one that your employees and customers will support. Teaming up with us not only helps to transform the lives of foster youth across the country, it’s also great for your corporate social responsibility objectives and for motivating and engaging your staff and clients. To discover more about how your corporation can partner with FosterClub, please contact Erika Marshall, Human Resources and Operations Director, at 503-717-1552.

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Combined Federal Campaign

CFC code: 76187

If you are a federal civilian, postal or military and would like to make a donation to FosterClub via the Combined Federal Campaign please visit the Best of the CFC website. Click here.


If your company has an employee match program and you are interested in working with FosterClub to ensure your gift is matched, please contact Erika Marshall, Human Resources and Operations Director, at 503-717-1552.


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