National Youth in Transition LogoThe National Youth in Transition Database (NYTD) collects information on youth in foster care and those who have aged out. States are required to collect information from young people at ages 17, 19 and 21 about how they are doing with finances, housing, health, education and more.

How did that state of Oregon do?

According to the snapshots below, Oregon is surpassing the national average in several of the youth outcomes. However, there is room for improvement in other outcomes like school attendance at age 21 (Oregon 27% /  National Average 31%) , connection to an adult at age 21 (Oregon 77% / 90%) and Medicaid coverage at age 21 (Oregon 58% / National Average 66%). 

Outcomes Reported




Employed full- or part-time 65% 50%
Receiving public assistance 34% 38%
Finished high school or GED 80% 65%
Attending School 27% 31%
Referred for substance abuse treatment 3% (in past 2 years) 10% (in past 2 years)
Incarcerated 6% (in past 2 years) 22% (in past 2 years)
Had children 23%(in past 2 years) 27% (in past 2 years)
Homeless 12% (in past 2 years) 28% (in past 2 years)
Connection to adult 77% 87%
Medicaid coverage 58% 66%
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Data was prepared by the Children's Bureau and contains a summary of highlights from NYTD data reported by sates between Fiscal Year (FY) 2011 and 2015. The data is current as of December 2015.




Thank you to all those young

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Thank you to all those young people who have taken the time to complete the NYTD Survey! You are helping DHS to determine the areas we need to make improvements to ensure foster youth have more successful transitions to adulthood. THANK YOU!