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Inspire Youth to Form Permanent Connections

Establishing permanent connections for young people is essential to ensuring their success. However, identifying supportive adults who can provide these permanent connections is only half the story. Youth need to be ready and able to participate in a positive, caring, life-long relationships and accept support from caring adults.


This essential guide helps young people understand and prepare for permanence by providing:

  • content in a youth-friendly format
  • youth perspectives about permanence
  • interactive worksheets
  • ideas and questions to inspire discussion
  • permanence options

Whether a young person works through this book on their own, with a supportive adult or in a group setting, the lessons and stories included will inspire youth to form the permanent connections crucial to future success.

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Format: 7" x 10", paperback, 81 pages
Cost: $12.95 individually, quantity discounts available

Please contact or FosterClub's main office at 503-717-1552 for ordering information.

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