There are lots of ways you can get involved in FosterClub or foster care! Here are our top 10:
(Inform your colleagues! Download the Powerpoint presentation or handout at the bottom of the page: "Top 10 Reasons for Child Welfare Professionals to Visit")

1. Help Teens Find Permanence
FosterClub’s Permanency Pact has helped formalize supportive relationships for thousands of youth aging out. Learn more about the Permanency Pact

2. Inspire Your Youth
FosterClub believes in the power of inspiration. Find it in the stories of other resilient young people. Become inspired at Foster to Famous and Young Leaders

3. Connect to Resources
Scholarships, internships advocacy opportunities, and more; along with contests and other types of youth engagement. Share opportunities @ the Transition Club

4. Recognize Success
Each year, FosterClub recognizes 100 Outstanding Young Leaders from foster care who are making a difference. Nominate a youth you know! View the current Outstanding Young Leaders

5. Youth Friendly Answers
Young people in foster care ask some tough questions. Our Q&A section is designed specifically for youth in care of all ages, and reviewed by child welfare professional are a great place to direct youth to get their questions answers. Provide easy answers to tough questions

6. Gear Up
Wear that you care! With tees, mugs, pins and more, this is the place to go to give a gift recognizing a foster parent or youth for a job well done (or for yourself - you deserve it!). Give with purpose (coming soon!)

7. Youth Boards
Get young people connected to a youth board in their area, or, if they’re already a part of one, join the FosterClub Network and access resources designed to increase the reach of youth boards throughout the country. Check out FosterClub’s youth board directory, 160 and counting, then encourage your local youth board to join the Network

8. Publications Built for Youth
FosterClub publishes several publications, such as Foster Care 411 and Getting Solid that are specifically designed for youth in care. See the full collection of publications from FosterClub

9. News + Events + More
Each state has their own place on the site, where members can be automatically updated on what’s going on with e-mail alerts, and where state specific resources can be found. Explore what's new at your state on FosterClub’s State pages.

10. Connect to a Resource They Won’t Age Out of
By connecting a young person to FosterClub, you are providing a peer support network they can access 24/7, even after they leave foster care. Join Now


If you or your youth are not a member already, you can Register here (this link will work only if you're not logged in already)




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