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Q: Can foster parents share subscription accounts on the new site?
A: No, foster parents cannot share subscription accounts. Each parent will need to create their own account with different email address, and subscribe to access the new Foster Parent Online Training courses and quizzes.
Q: Will my account from the old training site, work on this site?
A: No. You must have a account in order to access the new training website.



Q: Why are you charging for the new training website?
A: The new Foster Parent Online Training has an annual subscription fee of $24.95. The nominal fee is necessary to cover the costs of web hosting, performance and maintenance, as well as creation and support of curriculum. This will provide you with the best user experience allowing for 24 hour access, ease of use, and access to youth-based curriculum.
Q: What does 24.95 cover? Why are your charging for training?
A: The new Foster Parent Online Training has an annual subscription fee of $24.95. The nominal fee covers the costs associated with web hosting, performance and maintenance, as well as creation and support of curriculum. 




Q: When will you adding new courses?
A: Courses will be updated regularly in the future. Schedule details to come.



Q: I got an error or nothing happened when I clicked CLICK HERE?
A: Disable your web browser's pop-up blocker: Google ChromeSafariInternet Explorer, or Mozilla Firefox.
Q: How do I take the quiz?
A: Click the green "Take the Quiz" button at bottom of page. If the button reads "Subscribe Now" you must purchase the annual subscription of $24.95 in order to take the quizzes and get credit hours for the courses.
Q: I paid for a subscription, but it still says to Subscribe and I don't see the courses?
A: Make sure you are logged in to your account and that you have validated your account. Check your email for an account validation link from


OLD Training Website

Q. I have taken courses on the old site, can I still access my grades?
A. Yes, you can access your gradebook until February 25th, 2017. Click here to access old site. Login and click the orange MY GRADEBOOK button.
Q. How do I print a certificate on the old site?
A. Click here to access old site. Login and click the orange MY GRADEBOOK buttonYou will see a list of the classes you've taken. Select the class you'd like a certificate for, then select PRINT THIS CERTIFICATE button right below "rate this quiz."
Q. Can I take training courses and quizzes on the old site?
A. No. The site is a limited access site only to account members signed up prior to February 25th, 2016. To take new courses and quizzes, please visit our new training website here.
Q. How do I get an e-mail automatically sent to my Certifier?
A. This feature is no longer available.
Q. I entered my username and password correctly, but still couldn't get into the site?
A. Make sure you are logging in to the training website. Click here, enter your username and password again and click the SUBMIT button. If you still cannot login, please email us your username, email address on the account and your phone number.
Q. I have taken numerous classes but some are not showing up in my gradebook. What am I doing wrong?
A. You are doing nothing wrong. Unfortunately, if you have taken the same quiz on previous years and haven't beaten your previous score, your quiz certificate will not be updated or show up in the gradebook for this year. There are two options to get around this bug: 1) beat the score you got last time if possible or 2) create a fresh account with a different username (nickname) and password. 
Q. Will you ever delete the old site?
A. Yes. On February 25th, 2017 the old site will be terminated.

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