Believe in foster youthJoin us in thanking the following individuals who believe in the resilience of foster youth. Because of their support, we are able to carry out our mission of connecting, educating, inspiring and representing foster youth. 

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Donor Spotlight

Carlina Shotwell

Author, Mentor, Foster Youth

"Nobody longs for a safe and loving family more than a child in foster care."
James Family Aaron James & Family

Family, Friend, Donor

"We believe in FosterClub because we believe every young person should experience the support and protection of a community."

Michelle Seaside Coffee Michelle Wunderlich

Seaside Coffee House Owner, Community Supporter, Donor

"I donate and support FosterClub because I get to see first hand the difference they make in the lives of the All-Stars every summer."

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FosterClub Individual Donors

Thank you to our amazing supporters:

LaPrincess Allen
Sharde Armstrong
Regina Austin
Donald Barthelmess
Merry Bartholemy
Tara R Belamour
Timothy Bell
Alisa Bendis
Brian Bice
Angie Blackwell
Ronda Bodenstab Alcorn
Celeste Bodner
Lisa Bonner
Justin Boudreau
Marcus Brown
Lee Brunz
Lori Bumgarner
Nicole Burgmeier
Schylar Canfield-Baber
Patricia Cantwell
Nancy Carey
Pamela Carides
Dan Catchpole
Jeannette Chardon
James Charizia
Phyllis Charles
Linda Coates
Susan Court
Connie Lee Cowan
Jeff Cronn
Beth Davis-Pratt
Charles DeLacey
Judy Dix
Nicole Dobbins
Dustine Dodd
Ryan Dollinger
Holly Donnelly
Erin and J. Dugan Duffy
Lisa Dunnuck
Deborah Farnham
Steve Farnham
Sandie Faulk
Megan Fletcher
Brandon Fontanez-Burgos
Dianna Fraser
Dawn Frederick
Jan Frith
Eileen Fussner
Todd Garrison
Kristen Gilberson
Joan Glickman
Robb Glunt
Jodi Godfrey
Dominique Greco
Henry Grillo
Linda Grund
Sunshine Grund
Ginny Hamer
Patsy Hamer
Kirsten Hamilton
Chris and Andy Hempfling
Jessica Henderson
Sarah Henderson
Karen Henneberry
Kelliann Henry
Jennifer Hicks
Rachel Holbert
John Hossfeld
Peter Hyland
Douglas Ingraham
Aaron James
Ann Marie James
Linda Johnson
Lisa Johnston
Barb Jones
Kimberly Jorgensen
John King
Daniel Knapp
Michael Knighten
Kristina Knittel
William Koenig
Ashley Kuber
Jacob Lear
Anita Light
Sheryl Lindley
Crystal Lipek
Rachel Lowenthal
Brian Lowery
Stacie Lyons
Patricia Mapes
Nancy Martino
Isha-Charlie McNeely
Jennifer Mielnicki
Amanda Miller
Erin Miller
Trevor Milligan
Marvin Mitchell
Erin Moline
Julie Moorehouse
Gene Moreland
Joshua Morgan-Griggs
Becky Morton
Linda Newman
Carrie Norry
Crystal O'Grady
Mercede Ogan
Anja Osmon
Anastasia Pappas
Hazel Parker
Linda Pfeil
Michelle Plotner
Monica Popescu
Sarah Price
Melissa Raap
Heather Radich
Sherri Rafter
Vicki Richardson
Curtis Riley
Katie Roberts
Stephanie Rocha
Amir Roth
Marci Roth
Zipora Roth
Rhonda Rubinstein
Roman Rys
Eileen Sarsfield
Maury Sather
Sharon Scheurer
Elaine Schieffer
Vicky Schiele
Andrea Schonblom
Wendy Selmer
Janessa Senter
Melody Sexton
Phyllis Shoenberger
Elaine Shong
Shirley Simmons
Gina Simone
Shera Sims
Jason Sjobeck
Sandra Smith
Sharon Soliday
Deborah Sorin
Jim Spiegel
Bernadette Strand
Daniele Sumerix
Laura Swindle
Deena Terrell Brabham
Tina Thomas
Jamila Thompson
Denise Tuhy
Meagan Tuhy
Jennifer Van Vleet
Gary Watson
Dennie Wendt
Ivan Wheeler
Mary Jean Wiese
Linda Wolpert
Nancy Wyden
Kintaro Yonekura
Antonina York
Karen Zoda























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