Angelica Cox, FosterClub All-Star Intern

I spent most of my childhood on the fast track to a life destined for failure. Although my childhood created an environment of heartbreak and limited expectations, I never gave up because those painful experiences could become my future. Instead, I made the decision to overcome those tragedies from my past and to embark on a journey to college with nothing but my desire to succeed. I did not have a forever family to aid me, but even though I could not control my past, I could control my future because my destiny was up to me. 

As a freshman, I had one goal in mind: get an internship at the Michigan House of Representatives. I sent in my application to numerous offices and the following week I received an interview with State Representative Henry Yanez. The night before I researched his political standpoints, but it wasn’t my well-researched answers that landed me an internship in his office. The Representative hired me because he admired my passion and desire to learn. Seeking more responsibility, I landed my second internship with State Representative Andy Schor. This internship advanced into a paid position, which means I have the financial means to support myself while in school. 
Working at the House of Representatives has opened many doors for me. Due to my political connections, I was able to be an active stakeholder in the Michigan Foster Children’s Bill of Rights. This bill is still making its way through committee right now, but I will have the opportunity to testify on behalf of this bill as it moves closer to a vote. 
When I think about the next step that I want to take in life, nothing excites me more than the prospect to lobby on behalf on my foster youth in the most powerful place on the planet. That is why I have applied for an internship with Voice for Adoption in Washington D.C. It would give me the chance to help foster youth on a federal level. Also, it would help me network with people for future career opportunities and give me experience in the field of my dreams. Foster care is a social justice issue that has been ignored for too long and I am determined to change that. 

 - Angelica

Get to know Angelica better, check out her profile as a 2015 FosterClub All-Star Intern.



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