Board of Director group photo

The FosterClub Board of Directors is a group of dedicated supporters, with a majority of the membership of the Board being comprised of alumni of the foster care system.  In addition, FosterClub prioritizes lived experience in foster care in its hiring, and staff currently includes several alumni of foster care.  We are proud of this nonprofit organization and strive to keep it able to serve for many years to come.  Thank you for your service both current and past members.

Past Board Members

SHARDE ARMSTRONG - Member 2011-2013

ERIC LULOW - Member 2011-2012

DAN KNAPP - Member 2011-2016

Meet the Board of Directors

Celeste Bodner Celeste Bodner
Executive Director, Founder, Non-Voting Board Member
"It's kind of fun to do the impossible." - Walt Disney
NicoleDobbins Nicole Dobbins
WASHINGTON DC, MEMBER SINCE 2011 - Child Welfare Partnership Advisor - Casey Family Programs, 2005 FosterClub All-Star, Former FosterClub Staff
MarciRoth Marci McCoy Roth
Vice President
MARYLAND, MEMBER SINCE 2011 - Partner, True North Group
Schylar Schylar Orville Baber
WASHINGTON DC, MEMBER SINCE 2011 - Executive Director, Voice for Adoption; 2005 FosterClub All-Star
DeborahSorin Deborah Sorin
NORTH CAROLINA, MEMBER SINCE 2013 - Community Volunteer
TimothyBell Timothy Bell
WASHINGTON, MEMBER SINCE 2015 - Advocate; 2006 FosterClub All-Star; Former FosterClub Staff
PhyllisCharles Phyllis Charles
VIRGINIA, MEMBER SINCE 2015 - Northern Virginia Family Services: foster care home study social worker and trainer
CrystalLupek Crystal Lipek
WISCONSIN, MEMBER SINCE 2011 - High School Teacher, 2007 FosterClub All-Star
MeaganTuhy Meagan Tuhy
OREGON, MEMBER SINCE 2000 - Marketing Strategist, the Hello Foundation; Co-founder of FosterClub
D'Artagnan Caliman D’Artagnan B. Caliman
MARYLAND, MEMBER SINCE 2017 - State/Territory Liaison, Capacity Building Center for States
La'Shanda Holmes La'Shanda Holmes
FLORIDA, MEMBER SINCE 2017 - Search and Rescue Pilot, US Coast Guard
Benjamin Edwards Benjamin Edwards
OREGON, MEMBER SINCE 2017 - Senior Director, NIKE Inc.