Board of Director group photo

The FosterClub Board of Directors is a group of dedicated supporters, consisting of 50% alumni of the foster care system and 60% former FosterClub staff and/or young leaders. We are proud of this nonprofit organization and strive to keep it in a position to serve for many years to come. Thank you for your service both current and past members. Click here to view a video of 2015 Board Retreat!

Past Board Members

SHARDE ARMSTRONG - Member 2011-2013

ERIC LULOW - Member 2011-2012

DAN KNAPP - Member 2011-2016

Meet the Board of Directors

Celeste Bodner Celeste Bodner
Chief Executive Officer, Founder, Non-Voting Board Member
"It's kind of fun to do the impossible." - Walt Disney
NicoleDobbins Nicole Dobbins
WASHINGTON DC, MEMBER SINCE 2011 - Child Welfare Partnership Advisor - Casey Family Programs, 2005 FosterClub All-Star, Former FosterClub Staff
MarciRoth Marci McCoy Roth
Vice President
MARYLAND, MEMBER SINCE 2011 - Partner, True North Group
Schylar Schylar Orville Baber
WASHINGTON DC, MEMBER SINCE 2011 - Executive Director, Voice for Adoption; 2005 FosterClub All-Star
DeborahSorin Deborah Sorin
NORTH CAROLINA, MEMBER SINCE 2013 - Community Volunteer
TimothyBell Timothy Bell
WASHINGTON, MEMBER SINCE 2015 - Advocate; 2006 FosterClub All-Star; Former FosterClub Staff
PhyllisCharles Phyllis Charles
VIRGINIA, MEMBER SINCE 2015 - Northern Virginia Family Services: foster care home study social worker and trainer
CrystalLupek Crystal Lipek
WISCONSIN, MEMBER SINCE 2011 - High School Teacher, 2007 FosterClub All-Star
MeaganTuhy Meagan Tuhy
OREGON, MEMBER SINCE 2000 - Marketing Strategist, the Hello Foundation; Co-founder of FosterClub