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Website. Receive a website with new Web 2.0 functionality, powered by FosterClub. Connect with members, other young people and potential supporters. Blog, video, share news, and so much more! View Sample webpage  |  Web Support

Training & Technical Assistance. Webinars, Training documents, telephone support, organization guides and more are available to Network Members.

Participate in National Foster Care Month. Benefit from national collaborations, and receive notices about how your group can make an impact in the month of May

Media Relations. Referrals and guidance for young people who interact with the media. Potential engagement in national media opportunities. Also, customize our national op-eds and press releases to mount your own media campaign.

Regular Updates. Receive eNews from FosterClub on a regular basis and keep up-to-date about what’s going on with other Network members across the nation. Gain ideas and insights to improve your Club!

Participation In National Policy Agenda. Elevate the voice of your Group’s members and become engaged in changing the laws of our country to improve the foster care system.

Recognition on Let the world know about the great work of your group. Create good content on your page and maybe it will be promoted to FosterClub's home page.

Product Royalties. Sales of select FosterClub products and Publications by your Group will return a 10% royalty.

Volunteer Referral and donation. We receive many inquiries from individuals wishing to volunteer or provide support. Those people will be referred to Network members in their area.

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