To lead the efforts of young people in and from foster care to become connected, educated, inspired and represented so they can realize their personal potential and contribute to a better life for their peers.

We believe that young people in and from foster care deserve to be:

CONNECTED to a peer support network and to people in the community who care.

EDUCATED about their rights, how the foster care system works, self-advocacy strategies, and how to locate resources to help them succeed.

INSPIRED and empowered through the stories of people who have succeeded after foster care.

REPRESENTED by having their voices heard by policy makers, the public, and others who influence the system that profoundly impacts their lives.



Every young person who experiences foster care has what they need to thrive. 

We believe experience = expertise

Being placed in foster care can be a chaotic and anguishing experience for a young person.

FosterClub is dedicated to providing a peer support network for children and youth in foster care. Further, we believe that the experiences young people have in foster care place them in a position to affect change within the system, inform and motivate their peers, build public awareness and create public will for improved care for abused and neglected children.

FosterClub is about providing youth a voice within the system that so heavily impacts their lives. Whether advocating on their own behalf, in concern for siblings or family members, or speaking out on behalf of their 400,000+ peers currently in the system; our websites, publications, and events provide a youth-friendly network which helps the voices of young people to be heard.

FosterClub is committed to providing the tools, training and a forum to help young people secure a brighter future for themselves and the foster care system.

About The Logo

Pinwheel LogoThe pinwheel is an enduring symbol of the happy, carefree childhood all kids deserve.  For more than half a million kids who experience the U.S. foster care system each year, childhood has been interrupted by abuse, neglect or abandonment. The FosterClub network gives young people in foster care a new spin on life.