May is National Foster Care Month (NFCM) - a time to recognize the role each of us plays in the lives of children and youth in foster care.

Read the Presidential Proclamation -- National Foster Care Month, 2016

NFCM provides an opportunity to acknowledge foster parents, family members, volunteers, mentors, policymakers, child welfare professionals, and other members of the community who help children and youth in foster care find permanent homes and connections. During NFCM, we renew our commitment to ensuring a bright future for the nearly 400,000 children and youth in foster care, and we celebrate all those who make a meaningful difference in their lives.

Since 2015, FosterClub has partnered with the Human Rights Campaign Foundation's All Children - All Families (ACAF) project to raise awareness about the issues LGBTQ youth face in foster care through the #FosterEquality campaign. We invite you to join the effort!

FosterClub is a member of the National Foster Care Month Steering Committee through the United States Children Bureau and the Child Welfare Information Gateway’s website, its information service. Visit the website:

National Foster Care Month 2016