FosterClub, the national network for youth in foster care, launched the All-Star program in 2004 and successfully incorporated current and former foster youth as facilitators and leaders of teen conference activities. The All-Stars were highly successful, proving wildly popular among teen conference attendees and providing a “real-life, been there-done that” perspective to FosterClub’s training programs. For the young people who serve as All-Stars, the opportunity has proven to be life-changing.

Each All-Star will receive during the 7-week summer internship opportunity:

  • Youth leadership training: intensive training at the beginning of the program, continued youth development programming throughout the internship
  • Housing for the summer
  • Two $60 cell phone stipends (if you have a working cell phone)
  • $150 per week living allowance
  • A $1500 dollar end of session stipend
  • All transportation and travel expenses
  • Products, prizes and incentives
  • Various cultural and recreational experiences during the summer program

Requirements to become an All-Star:

  • Must be between the ages of 18 and 24 on on the internship start date.
  • Must have spent time in foster care.
  • Priority will be given to young people who have previously attended a FosterClub Teen Conference, participate on a Youth Advisory Board or Youth Council, or who have demonstrated leadership in another capacity (like through volunteer service, school or church involvement)
  • Able to obtain required permissions from foster care agency if still in foster care
  • Youth must be responsible and require minimal supervision
  • All offers of employment and/or volunteer opportunities are made contingent upon the successful completion of all applicable background checks and the selected individual may not begin until background checks are completed. 

    (Violations do not necessarily disqualify an applicant. Contact us at 503-717-1552 for any questions.)

  • Must be able to gain permission to travel and be photographed

All Applicants will be required to submit an All-Star application, including 2 recommendation letters from adults. Youth who are selected to serve as All-Stars must sign an agreement to abstain from using drugs or (if under 21) alcohol for the duration of the 7-week internship. Alcohol, smoking, and any illegal activity is strictly prohibited from the All-Star House and is grounds for dismissal from the program. Youth will be expected to maintain professional conduct throughout the internship and will be required to agree to refrain from romantic involvement with any of the other All-Stars during the program.

All-Star Activities:

  • Assist FosterClub staff in preparing and facilitating workshops and activities at Teen Conferences and other events.
  • Work with young people in foster care.
  • Produce products for young people in foster care, including publications (books), web content, audio recordings, video recordings, and photo shoots.
  • Research topics pertaining to child welfare.
  • Provide youth perspective for content for supportive adults.
  • Write a blog about your experiences as an All-Star.

Location of the internship:

Seaside, Oregon will serve as the “home base” for the summer internship. The All-Stars, when not traveling will live in the All-Star House located on 1st Ave, downtown Seaside, just blocks from the Pacific Ocean. Seaside has been one of the Northwest’s most popular ocean resorts for over a century.  Seaside is a destination paradise for a wide variety of reasons: its spectacular ocean views, miles of sandy beach, unique natural setting, mild ocean climate, outdoor activities, year-round events, excellent shopping, and plenty of summer events. Learn more about Seaside, Oregon.

Skills and experience you will gain over the summer internship:

  • Leadership skills
  • Conflict Resolution skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Cultural and diversity awareness
  • Evaluation and reporting skills
  • Public speaking experience
  • Organization and administrative skills
  • Internet web page experience
  • Computer skills
  • Team Building
  • Opportunity to travel and meet new people
  • Great contribution to your resume

How FosterClub All-Stars will be selected: FosterClub is seeking a diverse group of young people to participate in the FosterClub All-Star program. We will make selections to help us achieve diversity in culture, race, educational background, foster care experience, etc. We will seek young people who have demonstrated leadership skills at school, church, work, and volunteer service or in other areas. Young people who apply but are not selected should in no way view the fact that they weren’t selected as an indication of their abilities or personality. It simply means that other youth were selected to help us build a diverse team for the All-Star Program.

Apply to become a FosterClub All-Star: The 2018 All-Star application process will begin on January 1st. Two recommendations must be submitted online by adults who can speak of your skills, character, work ethic, experience, etc. A complete application is considered:

  • All-Star Application form completed
  • Two Recommendations

Questions? If you have any questions, please Contact FosterClub. If you are still in care and your caseworker, foster parent or guardian have any questions, we encourage them to call also.