Lynn Johnson

Assistant Secretary, Administration for Children & Families

In 2020, Assistant Secretary of the Administration of Children and Families (ACF) Lynn Johnson launched the All-In Campaign with the goal of ensuring every child has a family to love and support them. This campaign included a Youth Engagement Team - made up of 11 young people with lived experience in foster care from 10 states. The Youth Engagement Team was supported by Joshua Christian Oswald, who served as the Youth Engagement Coordinator under Associate Commissioner Jerry Milner. 

See the Children's Bureau webpage on the team.

Jerry Milner

Associate Commissioner, Children’s Bureau

Our work:

Team members engaged in three conversations with ACF & Children's Bureau leadership on permanency. Click on the topics below to watch the recorded conversations

    New Resource:

    Recommendations for Improving
    Permanency and Well-Being

    View the resource from the Youth Engagement Team which covers Permanency with Kin, Relational Permanency and Older Youth Adoption. 

    Blogs from Campaign Members

    *New* Recommendations from the Youth Engagement Team: Improving Permanency & Well-Being

    Today, the All-In Youth Engagement Team released it's recommendations on Improving Permanency and Well-Being. These recommendations come from three roundtable discussions were held with the Youth Engagement Team and ACF Assistant Secretary Lynn Johnson, Commissioner Elizabeth Darling, and Associate Commissioner...

    Supporting Youth Connections After Adoption

    Written by Alex Oleson , 2020 ACF All-In Youth Engagement Team Member The goal for any young person in the foster care system is permanency. Although this looks different in every case there are currently over 122,000 young people whose...

    What is Youth Engagement?

    Written by Courtney Canova , 2020 ACF All-In Youth Engagement Team Member & Member of the National Foster Care Youth & Alumni Policy Council Over the past several years the child welfare system has shifted some focus to preserve and...

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