Board Member Since: 2017

Board Vice Chair; Executive Director:  Building Changes; Alumnus of foster care

D'Artagnan Caliman is the Executive Director for a local non-profit in Seattle, Building Changes, that works to end homelessness throughout Washington state.  Formerly, he was a Senior Manager for the Child Welfare Information Gateway and managed the Digital and Web Services teams (a subcontractor of the Children's Bureau). Prior, D'Artagnan was Chief of Staff for Social Services Administration for the state of Maryland and led the CFSR, legislative session, partnerships, and transition programs. He also worked at Casey Family Programs for 15 years, in both direct practice and systems improvement, to improve child welfare at a national level. While at Casey, he led initiatives related to expediting legal permanency, alumni and birth parent federal policy partnerships, and developing and implementing tools for addressing race equity and disproportionality.
D'Artagnan and his sister are alumni of foster care from Oregon state. They remained in care together for over two years, including kinship and foster homes, then reunified with their birth mother. Their mother went on to work in WA state as a CPS worker. D'Artagnan holds an MSW from Portland State University.