Are you a young person in transit from youth to adulthood?

For most youth in foster care, these are uncertain times. Today more than ever, if you want to travel successfully (and safely) to life on your own, you'll need to plan for your trip.

Welcome to FosterClub’s Transition Toolkit, designed to help you and your team of adult supporters take inventory of your current assets, identify your resources, and map out a plan for the challenges after foster care. It’s your life — so take control and let the journey begin!

Download the entire Transition Toolkit now (PDF) or view below.

Washing D.C. Transition Toolkit: If you are a youth living in the D.C. area, use this customized toolkit with recourses specific to your area. PDF version here.

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Transition ToolKit

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I am a Forensic Mental Health Professional for the Los Angeles County USC Medical Center. Our facility is in the process of Opening a Transitional Fostercare Teen Clinic. I am currently seeking Transition Tool Kits, to assist my collegues and I with our youth's Future Transition Plans into adulthood. I would greatly appreciate and could benefit tremendously from collaborating with members of your organization.

I look forward to hearing from someone soon.

Thank You,

Yaw Nalls