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Want to be successful in your education? Looking for money to go to college or a trade school? You’ve come to the right place! Just follow the links below... Also, don't forget to visit our internships page 2009 All-Star Kita Anderson wrote about the resources and scholarships she used to help pay for college. learn more here...
Questions about Educational Needs of Youth in Care? These FAQ's where developed by the New York State Office and Family and Children's Services check it out... GET FINANCIAL AID Apply for federal financial aid your senior year by filling out the Free Application for Student Financial Aid (FAFSA for short). The amount of financial aid you qualify for is mostly based on how much your family makes, but here’s the good news: as a foster youth, you can mark yourself down as a 1-person family (only you). This means that they don’t count your parent’s income, which means foster youth usually qualify for the maximum amount of financial aid available. Learn more... You can check out FAFSA's guide to applicants in unique situations here. PREPARE FOR YOUR HIGHER EDUCATION WHILE IN HIGH SCHOOL Your grades, your GPA, your ACT scores, the classes you take and the activities and organizations you are involved with all count for talent-based scholarships. During your junior year of high school, choose some schools you’re interested in and find out how much they cost. Look at Private and state scholarships available to those who grew up in foster care. Don’t forget to explore what scholarships may be available to you based on your religious or ethnic background. You can also check with your social worker, your local foster parent association, and any organizations you belong to about scholarships they offer or know about. Keep track of deadlines! SCHOLARSHIPS Follow this link to take advantage of the many scholarships awarded to foster youth. RESOURCES TO HELP GUIDE FOSTER YOUTH THROUGH HIGHER EDUCATION NASFAA GUIDE Helping California Foster Youth to Higer Ed Supporting Success Getting Foster Youth to and through College Foster Care and Education


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This is an awesome site. Although I don't know whre the applications are for them.

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Which applications are you looking for?

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Man, every part of this site is great! This is definitely going to help a lot of youth!! Thank you!
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Im a junior do i apply for them now or in my senior year?