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The Key Ingredient: The FosterClub All-Stars
Why not simply use youth from our own program?

Participants break into small groups and tackle issue related to foster care, such as education, health care and housing. Young people identify obstacles and challenges to success for they topic, then brainstorm a list of recommendations. Each group prepares a presentation of their ideas, and delivers onstage to an assembled grouping of influential leaders in the foster care system that affects them, such as the Independent Living Coordinator, Foster Parent Association President, Foster Care Manager, etc.

Objective: Youth leadership development, improve advocacy skills, prepare youth for the transition to adulthood; influence system improvement while incorporating youth voice.
Topic: Various Topics Available.
Time frame: 60 – 90 min.
Audience Size: up to 300
Room Setup: Break-out areas for groups to work. Auditorium-style seating with stage area for final presentations.
Supporting Publications, materials and cost: $2 copy fee
Special notes: Program may wish to have youth focus on issues related to CFSRs or IL Program improvement.

For information about this event, or for a custom quote for FosterClub Training Services or All-Star participation in your event, please contact us via email or call 503-717-1552.

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