Youth Curriculum                                                               


Activity                        Time (min)                Participants                                   Subject


Brand ME*                   60-90                            up to 30                        Self-image, resilience

This workshop explores how young people own their actions, how what we do and say influences how people see us, and how youth have control of their own brand through communication and the way they represent themselves.


From Foster to Famous   60-90                            up to 30                        Resilience

Explore the success stories of several famous people and discover their formulas for success! Young people from foster care learn to tap into their resilience and draw on their dreams.


Get A (Financial) Life!*             60-90                            up to 30                        Personal finance

This workshop explores the twists and turns some foster youth face along the financial path, how to keep from going over the edge of the road, and maybe even finding some additional support and long –lost belongings along the way.


Get Educated                60-90                            up to 30                        Higher education

Young people learn first-hand  what it takes to make it to (and in!) higher education. Overcoming obstacles is discussed through first-hand stories from the All-Stars.


Getting Solid                 60-90                            up to 30                        Permanence

Explore what permanence is all about; learn how to get it if you don’t already have it.


Get U-NYTD*                60-90                            up to 30                        NYTD, advocacy

By becoming educated and excited about participating, youth will learn the importance of getting U-NYTD.


It’s Who You Know       60-90                            up to 30                        Employment

Network your way to employment opportunities, manage relationships in the workplace.


It’s Relative                  60-90                            up to 30                        Permanence, bio-family

Safely reconnecting and managing relationships with biological families.


T-Time: Transition

Planning                       60-90                            up to 30                        Transition Planning

Get set for your transition to adulthood


Tell It Like It Is             90-120                           up to 30                        Strategic sharing, Advocacy       

Strategically sharing your story.


The Pact*                      60-90                            up to 30                        Permanence

Lifelong supports for success as young Adults.


The Sibling

Connection*                  60-90                            up to 30                        Permanence, bio-family


Relationship Ninja         90-120                           up to 30                                    Sexuality and Relationships

This workshop takes an inclusive, foster- and trauma-informed approach to explore sexuality and relationship education (SRE) for young people from foster care.


Don’t Leave me Vulnerable     90-120                               up to 30                                    Sexuality and Relationships

Engaging youth in the conversation of  sex trafficking and how to reduce their vulnerability to sexual exploitation


Roll with it!                  90-120                           up to 30                                    Sexuality and Relationships

Explore how past experiences may effect what roles we take in romantic relationships


General Sessions:

All-Star Panel                60-90                            up to 200                      Multiple

Join the FosterClub All-Stars as they share the wisdom they’ve gained in their transitioning process.


Case-by-Case                 90-150                           50-300                           Court, self-advocacy

This interactive simulation game challenges youth to move a “case” through the foster care system.


Get U-NYTD*                90-120                           up to 300                      NYTD, advocacy

By becoming educated and excited about participating youth will learn the importance of getting U-NYTD.


Independence City         90-150                           50-300                           Community resources

Independence City is a “life on your own” simulation game.


Take the Wheel              90-150                           50-300                           Transition planning

Place yourself in the driver’s seat in planning for your own transition.


YouthSpeak                  90min                           50-300                           Various

Participants break into small groups and tackle issue related to foster care, such as education, health care and housing.


FosterClub Signature Activities:

FosterClub ID               During Registration       Any                              Self-advocacy

Young people in foster care often struggle with establishing themselves as adults due to a lack of photo identification. FosterClub’s mobile ID unit can help solve that problem.


Tribal Shields               60-90                            Any                              Team-building

A large group is broken into smaller groups, called tribes, to develop tribal rules and expectations, create a tribal identity and to have an opportunity to connect with peers on a reoccurring basis throughout the conference.


Slideshow                     30                                 Any                              Team-building

Photos are captured throughout the event and presented in a slideshow at the conclusion of the Conference.


Team Builders and Icebreakers:


Fashion Show               60-90                            up to 200                      Communication, teamwork

This FosterClub Conference favorite activity challenges small groups to design an outfit (or several) using only newspaper and tape!


Building Bridges           60-90                            up to 200                      Teamwork

Small groups are challenged to build a bridge thatwill transport a ping-pong ball, using only straws, tape and teamwork.


Lines + dots                  60-90                            up to 100                      Leadership, communication

This fun Team Builder helps participants explore various roles within the small group context while attempting to create structures with gumdrops and spaghetti!

How we're different
The Key Ingredient: The FosterClub All-Stars
Why not simply use youth from our own program?


DC Transition Toolkit: Your a young person in transition. It's a trip and you are a traveler! You're on your way to your next stop: independent young adulthood. It's exciting: when you get there, you'll have no stare or foster care strings attached to you. You'll get to make your own decisions. It's scary: times are uncertain. Young people are having trouble finding jobs, getting their lives going. At FosterClub, we believe in you. We built this toolkit to help you design a travel plan, working with your transition support team, that will create a map of what you have and what you need for your safe journey to adulthood. 

(This toolkit is specific to youth in the Washington DC area. Recourses listed on this form will only be applicable if you live in DC. Another version of the Transition Toolkit for youth outside DC is coming soon.)

Click here for the full DC Transition Toolkit.

For information about any of these workshops, or for a custom quote for FosterClub Training Services or All-Star participation in your event, please contact us via email or call 503-717-1552.



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Maybe you should contact the

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Maybe you should contact the Wisconsin Dept of Children and Families to know how to get going with it


I have been a foster youth,

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I have been a foster youth, a kinship provider, and my husband and I continue to be a licensed foster parents. We would be interested in teaching these classes to youth and notice that none seem to be available in our area of Wisconsin (We are between Milwaukee and Green Bay). How would we go about doing this? Is there any interest in providing such classes in our area?
~ henckelbs


These are workshops that the

FC Steve's picture

These are workshops that the FosterClub All-Star give to youth at independent living conferences and other events. Here's a link with more info about the All-Star Program:


hey every one im new to this

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hey every one im new to this site and was wondering what this is all about???????????????????


We unfortunately don't have

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We unfortunately don't have any trainings in spanish at this time. We haven't added any new training in a few years because we're working on a new training section. It's taking longer than expected, but we'll announce it on the site when it's up and running.



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E-mail me, where I can take

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E-mail me, where I can take the training class that can be taken online.


where would I take courses

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where would I take courses to be foster parent in Brimingham,AL.


AJones where are the

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where are the training class that can be taken online. Please help


Hi my name is Nancy Yang, I

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Hi my name is Nancy Yang, I was just in Foster Club seminar in St.Paul Mn. I was just wondering, I heard that they were trying to form a Youth Lead program in Hennepin county and Ramsey. I'm interested in leading the program too..



I would suggest that you

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I would suggest that you start a message board about this topic, you will get more responses that way.


Hi everyone just wanted to

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Hi everyone
just wanted to ask if there are other former kinship parents whom have been declined to foster to adopt, due to conflict resolution skills that are lacking? and where would one's family take such courses, I am in Ontario Canada and there arent any such courses, and our family would like to participate as team players, if so included!! We would like to foster to adopt children with Learning disabilities and Autism and add etc, not babies I would love to have ages 4-10 and siblings up to 4 of them, rural home setting in farm country and ready to work damned hard for the children, any comments neg or positive are all welcome, thanks so much for the ears.