General Session
Signature Fosterclub Activities
Teambuilding and Icebreaker Activities

How we're different
The Key Ingredient: The FosterClub All-Stars
Why not simply use youth from our own program?

Download the 2011 Youth Curriculum Guide

Signature Activities
Would you like to provide more than just workshops? Then, Signature Activities are just what you're looking for.

FosterClub ID Young people in foster care often struggle with establishing themselves as adults due to a lack of photo identification. FosterClub’s mobile ID unit can help solve that problem.

Tribal Shields A large group is broken into smaller groups, called tribes. This Conference-opening activity requires each tribe to develop tribal rules and expectations and create a tribal identity.

Slide Show Photos are captured throughout the event and presented in a slideshow at the conclusion of the Conference.

For information about any of these workshop, or for a custom quote for FosterClub Training Services or All-Star participation in your event, please contact us via email or call 503-717-1552.

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