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The Key Ingredient: The FosterClub All-Stars
Why not simply use youth from our own program?

The All-Star program was founded on the belief that young people who have successfully transitioned from foster care to responsible young adulthood are best suited to impact the transition of their younger peers. Over the years, FosterClub has been providing a way for young leaders to reach out to other youth through Teen Conferences.

Each year 12 former or transitioning foster youth are selected to serve a summer internship with FosterClub and assist in planning, facilitating and evaluating the events of FosterClub’s Teen Conference U.S. Tour. The All-Stars represent a diversity in foster care experiences, education, current paths (college, employment, job corps, etc.), race & ethnicity, and geographical location. Each All-Star demonstrates leadership skills and an ability to connect with peers.

The young leaders of FosterClub are determined to break down the stigma generally surrounding youth in foster care. They provide a real-life example that will inspire and motivate the young people in your program. We believe the resilience-building impact of the All-Stars is a critical companion to the life skills conveyed through FosterClub’s workshops.

How will All-Stars participate at the event?
This year’s All-Star team will assist in facilitating the conference as Junior Staff. They will participate in registration, group activities, presentations, and will sit on the Youth Panel. All-Star youth co-lead workshops and interact with conference attendees throughout the event. They will also assist in preparing the final Conference Evaluation. At all times a FosterClub Adult Staff will supervise Junior Staff.

FosterClub launched the All-Star program in 2004, effectively incorporating foster care alumni as facilitators and leaders of teen conference activities. The All-Stars have been highly successful, proving wildly popular among teen conference attendees and providing a real-life, "been there-done that” perspective to FosterClub’s event programming. For the young people who have served as All-Stars, the opportunity proved to be transforming and life-changing. Each year FosterClub offers states and organizations the opportunity to sponsor an All-Star position. Each selected All-Star will serve a year-long term, allowing the young person to build on the skills and knowledge they gain over the 12-week in-residence portion of the internship, then give back within their own communities and states for the rest of the year and beyond.

Applications for youth who are interested in participating as a FosterClub All-Star are available on starting in January. Look for details here. Read more about the FosterClub All-Star Program. If you are interested in sponsoring an All-Star position for a youth from your program, contact us at 503-717-1552.

“The All-Star Program changed how I thought of my foster care experience. I now consider my past as expertise instead of a curse.” -- Sharde, Indiana