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How we're different
The Key Ingredient: The FosterClub All-Stars
Why not simply use youth from our own program?

FosterClub has developed a reputation for doing things just a little differently. We are leaders in youth engagement, defining new ways for young people in foster care to become more involved, more informed and inspired to build a better future for themselves.

Built for youth.
Our workshops, whether small breakout sessions or large general sessions, are designed to engage youth and provide an interactive experience for participants. FosterClub workshops are sometimes chaotic, often hilarious or emotional, and always on topics that are of critical importance to youth in care.

Delivered by emerging leaders of the foster care system.
The FosterClub All-Stars have the unique ability to form immediate connections with young people in foster care. We call it a “trust bridge.” Their commitment to improving life for their younger peers still in the foster care system is demonstrated through their participation in rigorous training, the enthusiasm they bring to each event and their willingness to share personal stories in order to reach and teach. The All-Stars are real-life examples of young people who emerge from foster care are resilient and capable of achieving great success.

FosterClub partners with leading national child welfare organizations, helping to bring the most topical and relevant information to your audience. Organizations like the Child Welfare League of America, National Foster Care Coalition, KidSave, Casey Family Programs, Jim Casey Youth Opportunities Initiative, the National Resource Center for Youth Services and the National Foster Youth Advisory Council are just some of the organizations that collaborate with FosterClub with information and tools to benefit your audience.


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