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Want to work with us? We're flexible! FosterClub works with State Agencies and Organizations across the country to design events best suited for their programs and youth. There are several ways to partner with FosterClub for your next event:

Facilitation of Youth Conferences (Unlimited Pass) FosterClub can assist your program in all aspects of your Event, including planning, facilities coordination, outreach, registration, event facilitation, and evaluation.

Workshops (Ala Carte) Our workshops are designed specifically for youth in care and cover topics that build skills in leadership, advocacy, and preparation for transition. Our workshops are co-presented or entirely presented by young people, helping to engage your program s youth right from the start.

Training for Child Welfare Staff (Youth Perspective) Workshops for Independent Living staff, caseworkers, foster parents and other supportive adults are produced with youth a perspective, covering important topics such as permanence, transition planning and outreach, these trainings help build the skills and confidence in dealing with issues that are so critical to young people in foster care.

Keynote and Panel Presentations (Special Events) Our engaging youth panels and keynote presentations feature young people who not only know how to tell their personal stories, but also can tie their stories to action items that your audience can take home to improve their support of youth in care. We would be happy to work with you to plan the perfect presentation for your event.

Workshops: For a complete list of workshops and descriptions please click the media link below

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