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The Key Ingredient: The FosterClub All-Stars
Why not simply use youth from our own program?

Join the FosterClub All-Stars as they share the wisdom they’ve gained in their transitioning process. Topics for discussion may include permanency, adoption, transition planning, recruiting teen foster homes, transitional housing, activating youth advisory councils, education, health, court and self-advocacy, disabilities, community involvement.

Objective: Prepare youth for the transition to adulthood, self advocacy, transition planning.
Topic: Various topics available. Suggested: Transition, Higher Ed, Permanency
Time frame: 60 – 90 min.
Audience Size: up to 200
Room Setup: Panel in front with table, auditorium-style seating

For information about this event, or for a custom quote for FosterClub Training Services or All-Star participation in your event, please contact us via email or call 503-717-1552.

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