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Hi guys!
Yesterday I had some technical difficulties trying to log into the website, so I had to wait to blog until today...sorry about that!

So...yesterday, after we presented our group workshops to Auntie Kathie, we went out to the beach and played beach volleyball; all stars vs. staff. Now, us all stars were a little uncoordinated and still suffering from jet lag, so we didn't perform as well as the staff who were used to being in Oregon. ( obviously I was excluded from this).

After the games, we dug a HUGENORMOUS pit for a bonfire, so big that we had to fit 18 people in it! crazy, huh?? We ate kelbasa, wieners and veggie dogs. Then, after we made smores and watched the sun go down.

Today, we played a game called Case by Case, and guys, I think you'll really like it! You get to be the caseworker and decide how a case ends for a young woman or man. I can't wait to teach it to ya'll!

That's all for now,
talk more later!!



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