All-Star Sponsorship


  • PROVIDE A YOUTH DEVELOPMENT OPPORTUNITY FOR EMERGING LEADERS by building leadership and life skills, providing an opportunity to practice public speaking, and developing professional proficiencies through intensive training.
  • IMPROVE OUTCOMES FOR YOUTH PREPARING TO TRANSITION OUT OF FOSTER CARE by helping foster youth develop the skills and will to succeed through a peer-lead training model, and providing motivation through peer role models, presenting at live events and public awareness campaigns.
  • INCREASE PUBLIC AWARENESS AND FACILITATE LEGISLATIVE ACTION THAT WILL IMPROVE THE FOSTER CARE SYSTEM by developing the public speaking and communication skills of young constituents in foster care so that their voices and stories will compel the public to act.
  • CHANGE PUBLIC PERCEPTIONS ABOUT YOUTH IN FOSTER CARE AND REDUCE NEGATIVE STIGMAS by establishing a corps of young people from the foster care system who are trained, skilled, and effective communicators and by showcasing their personal success stories in conjunction with relevant national foster care issues.


States and organizations have the opportunity to sponsor All-Star Internship positions, which will ensure that youth from your state are selected. In addition, the sponsoring agency will receive a commitment from the selected All-Star(s) to fulfill certain ongoing obligations after the summer portion is over.
Sponsors will receive updates from the All-Star program regarding progress and activities during the internship. Once the summer portion of the internship is completed, the sponsoring agency may outline specific tasks or projects that they would like to engage the All-Star in, such as specific public speaking events, youth advisory boards, and public awareness projects. For the rest of the one-year term following the summer portion, the All-Stars retain their commitment to the sponsoring agency as well as to FosterClub.
After the summer portion of the internship past All-Stars have participated with their sponsoring organizations in various ways, such as by serving on state boards and committees, assisting with training of child welfare staff and foster parents, presenting workshops to Judges, and participating on or organizing youth councils. Organizations considering sponsorship are encouraged to ask past sponsoring organizations about their impression of the impact of the internship on the youth they sponsored and about how sponsoring an All-Star has benefited their program and the young people it serves. Please call FosterClub, 503-717-1552, for a list of references.
Fee to sponsor an All-Star seat is $7,000 per youth.
A majority of the $7,000 sponsorship fee is passed on to the young person who is selected to be an All-Star:
  • $1,500 end-of-the-summer honorarium
  • $150 weekly living allowance during summer
  • Paid housing during summer
  • Paid travel during full length of internship
Your sponsorship guarantees that a youth will be selected from your state or organization to represent as a FosterClub All-Star Intern. Applications are collected by FosterClub, and our selection team works with the sponsor to determine the sponsor’s level of involvement in the selection process from reviewing all applications alongside our team, reviewing our top picks, or requesting our experienced team to manage the entire selection process.
For more information about sponsoring an All-Star Internship position, contact Angel Petite at 503-717-1552 or

Current and Past Sponsors

Thank you to those who have sponsored youth this year and in the past. To see who sponsored in specific years, please visit the individual All-Star pages.
Alaska Department Health and Human Services
Allegheny County Department of Human Services
Arizona Department of Economic Security
Arkansas Division of Children and Family Services
Colorado Department of Human Services
Connecticut Bureau of Child Welfare
Discovery Land Company Foundation
Florida Department of Children and Families
Foundation for California Community Colleges
Hennepin County, Minnesota
Idaho Department Health and Welfare
Iowa Department of Human Services
Iowa Youth and Shelter Services
Michigan Department of Health and Human Services
Minnesota Child Safety and Permanency Division
Missouri Department of Social Services
Montana Department of Child and Family Services
Murray State University
National Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) Association
Nevada Division of Child and Family Services
Nevada Division of Children and Family Services
New York State Office of Children and Families
North Carolina Division of Social Services Oregon Department of Human Services
Sandusky County, Ohio Children Services Unit
Seita Scholars Program, Center for Fostering Success
Student Assistance Foundation
Texas Department of Family and Protective Services
Vermont Department for Children and Families
Vermont Department of Children, Family Services
Washington County (VT) Youth Service Bureau
Washington Department of Social and Health Services
Wisconsin Department of Children and Families




is it fair?

Amber.Munson's picture

I find myself questioning the fairness of sponsors because with the large amount of sponsors it allows for very few 'open slots' making it very difficult for those who do not come from a sponsored state. I find it very discouraging as a youth coming from a state that does not offer a sponsorship. I understand that sponsors are important to running the program I simply wish there were a larger amount of open slots available for us youth who really want to participate but come from an unsponsored state.



APetite1's picture

Hi Amber!
We appreciate your comments and feedback. FosterClub hopes to add more national slots in the future, along with our current sponsored positions. We're working on it. =)


hi im a child in foster

dreamNbelieveGYMNAST's picture

hi im a child in foster care..16 years old and am desperately lookin for a sponsor to pay or at least mostly pay for my sports that i want to do. as many know every1s money is tight but i was wondering if u could know of anybusinesses or ANYONE to sponsor me money each month to pay for this? i am a gymnast and cheerleader and i dance. but have to quit because i cannot pay .. i have tried to find my own means for paying by getting a job.. but its hard.PLEASE :( help me.. !!is it possible for you to sponsor me about 150 dollars a month? or as much as u can do... i will be very happy. :) thanks soo much eager to hear again......... would this be something to ask for sponsorship... and actually getIT?