The FosterClub All-Star program was founded on the belief that youth who have successfully transitioned from foster care to responsible young adulthood are best suited to impact the transition of their younger peers. For the past several years FosterClub has been providing a way for young leaders to reach out to other youth through conferences, trainings and events.

What will the All-Stars be doing? This summer, a team of young people from the foster care system will be chosen as FosterClub All-Stars. They will be provided with intensive leadership and public speaking training, and then sent to teen conferences and foster care-related events across the country. In addition to motivating, educating and empowering foster youth across America, the FosterClub All-Star's will raise awareness about the 400,000 children in foster care today and the 29,000 youth who transition from foster care every year, mostly without the support of a permanent and stable family.

Who are the FosterClub All-Stars? A team of young people age 18- 24 will be selected to serve as summer interns with FosterClub and assist in planning and facilitating Independent Living Teen Conferences and other foster care and child welfare events held throughout the country. Youth will be selected to represent the diversity in foster care experiences, education, current paths (college, employment, job corps, etc.), race & ethnicity and geographical location. All applicants must have spent time in the foster care system. Each will demonstrate leadership potential and ability to connect with peers. This internship is as challenging as it is rewarding. We strongly suggest you read the former All-Stars' blogs in order to get a better understanding of what this internship is like. 

How old must I be in order to be eligible? You must be between the ages of 18 and 24 at the start of the internship. Sorry, but there are no exceptions to the age limit.

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Leadership & Development All-Stars will attend an intensive leadership training session at the FosterClub headquarters in Seaside, Oregon (1.5 hours from Portland, on the Oregon Coast). They will receive training in public speaking, presentation, advocacy, and professional development to accommodate planning and facilitation of events. All travel and lodging expenses will be covered.

All-Star Selection FosterClub will make its selections by the beginning of April. Youth will be selected to represent diversity in foster care experiences, education, current paths (college, employment, job corps, etc.), race, ethnicity and geographical location. Young people who apply but are not selected should in no way view the fact that they weren't selected as an indication of their abilities or personality. It simply means that other youth were selected to help us build a diverse team for the All-Star Program.

Youth who are not selected are eligible to be selected as a FosterClub OUTSTANDING YOUNG LEADER.

Learn more about FosterClub's Outstanding Young Leaders...

My state is a sponsor. What does that mean? If your state is a state sponsor, that means that a young person from each of those states is GUARANTEED a spot on the All-Star team! Everyone else is eligible for the remaining 'at large' slots. More info...

PLEASE NOTE: This is a competitive application process and applying does not guarantee your selection to participate in the internship. If you have any questions, please Contact FosterClub. If you are still in care and your caseworker, foster parent or guardian have any questions, we encourage them to call also.

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