The #ReUpChafee Challenge

The initial wave of pandemic relief under Division X of the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021 provided a lifeline for a lot of young people in and exiting foster care across the country. It allowed young people to focus on their education, secure housing and meet many basic needs. But the pandemic is not over, and many young people transitioning out of foster care during this crisis still need help and additional aid. 

Foster Youth in Transition Need Support NOW.  

We're calling on Congress to extend Chafee Funds until 2022.

BUT... We need the power of your voice to ensure Congress hears this message!

Join us and let's take action! 

We are asking Congress to #ReUpChafee and Extend Pandemic Aid to Help Older Youth from Foster Care

September 3, 2021: As national, state and local organizations - along with young people with lived experience in the foster care system - that are dedicated to the well-being of young people in and from foster care, we write to urge Congress to act immediately to extend critial supports to current and former foster youth facing significant challenges as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. Supports and flexibilities in eligibility passed by Congress as part of the Supporting Foster Youth and Families through the Pandemic Act in the Consolidated Appropriations Act (P.L. 116-260) are set to expire September 30. 

Read the full LETTER TO CONGRESS here: HERE

By extending key provisions of the law set to expire on September 30, 2021, Congress can bolster the chances of young adults as they continue to navigate the difficult waters of this evolving pandemic. 

Specifically, these key provisions should be extended:

1. Moratorium on aging out of foster care

2. Allowing young people to re-enter foster care

3. Continued access to increased funding and all flexibilities for the Chafee and ETV program, including the ability to use Chafee to provide cash assistance to young people and extending eligibility up to age 27 and helping young people navigate to supports and resources. 

The National Foster Youth Institute's latest Congressional Briefing, Extending Chafee, was a great success that was welcomed by one of Congress's biggest child welfare champions, Representative Jim Langevin of Rhode Island's 2nd Congressional District. 

Additionally, the event was anchored by a phenomenal panel of experts with lived experience who are actively creating the best service models this nation has to offer. The panel included: Stephon Baines of New York; Elizabeth "Liz" Villa of California; and Jaquelyn Reyes Alonzo of Oregon.

Thanks to partner organizations:


Think Of Us

Child Welfare League of America

Youth Law Center

Youth Villages

If you were unable to attend, you can view it here.

Access Passcode: NFYI!2021

TAKE ACTION: Contact your Members

We must begin making noise around #ReUpChafee so members can hear you!  Congress is considering the next Chafee Extension bill RIGHT NOW.  Let Congress know that you want pandemic aid extended. Contact your Members of Congress TODAY: 

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Tell them you need them to #SustainFosterYouth and #ReUpChafee.  You can send a message like this:

Young people in and aging out of foster care are still struggling during this pandemic.  Congress must extend emergency assistance by increasing Chafee funds and extending all relief aid until at least 2022.

**Be sure to insert your own reasons about why foster youth deserve support!** There's more sample messages below; but you can also off-road, sharing your own messages with Members of Congress.)

REMEMBER - the more you SHARE, the more YOUNG PEOPLES' VOICE is heard!

HOW TO: Send a message to your Members of Congress

    Email or sending a message through a contact form is the best method to reach Members of Congress right now. Enter your address and this website will pull up your Two Senators and your Member from the House of Representatives. Send a message:

    Search for your Congress Member: Find a post that has to do with the crisis on their feed. Add a comment using the sample message below. 

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#ReUpChafee Message Library

Copy-and-paste from these messages or craft your own!


Many states' emergency #COVID19 pandemic aid for #fosteryouth reached just some of the eligible young people in and transitioning out of #fostercare with no family and limited resources. Funds can make the difference between life and death. It's time to #ReUpChafee and #SustainFosterYouth during this continuing pandemic. 

Time is of the essense as the Supporting Foster Youth and Families through the Pandemic Act passed in December 2020 is ending. Many young people in and aging out of #fostercare still need help. The emergence of new variants means the pandemic is far from over. We need Congress to #ReUpChafee and extend aid that #SustainsFosterYouth.

When young people in #fostercare reach maturity without a family during a worldwide pandemic, they need access to financial aid to help make the transition as safe and smooth as possible. Support to meet basic needs can mean the difference between life and death. We must #ReUpChafee and #SustainFosterYouth


New Bill Introduction:

S. 3078

Thank you  @ChuckGrassley & @SenStabenow for championing S.3078 - allowing states to use existing funds to support people in/from #fostercare, many of whom are still struggling without the safety nets most of us can rely on during challenging times. #ReUpChafee #SustainFosterYouth

Emergency #COVID19 funds provided assistance to those aging out of #fostercare and facing homelessness and hardships during a global pandemic. With the emergence of new variants, young people are still facing challenges. S. 3078 would #ReUpChafee allowing states to help #SustainFosterYouth.

Congress recognized the needs of young people in and exiting #fostercare during the pandemic and provided emergency #COVID19 relief. Some have accessed this lifeline but many haven't. S. 3078 will give states more time to help #FosterYouth. #ReUpChafee #SustainFosterYouth.  

The #COVID19 pandemic rages on, challenges facing young people exiting #fostercare remain the same. S. 3078 will #ReUpChafee so young people can survive this global crisis and ideally, thrive in their transition to adulthood. #SustainFosterYouth


​​​​​​I am writing to ask that Congress extend assistance to older youth in and aging out of foster care in the Chafee Extension bill. When the Supporting Foster Youth and Families through the Pandemic Act, Division X of the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021 was enacted in December 2020, young people received life-saving assistance during a crucial time. Financial aid meant maintaining housing, securing food and continuing education during a massive pandemic that still continues. We urge you to consider that many have still not received any aid today due to procedural delays and challenges. Many young people are still aging out of foster care without any family to rely on, and many are struggling to meet basic needs. They often have no safe harbor in which to weather the pandemic. To ensure the continued health and safety of our young people, additional funding and an extension of the provisions granted in the pandemic act is essential, and should be implemented until at least September 2022. 



Young people in and aging out of foster care deserve emergency relief given their unique circumstances. Without family to rely on, many are struggling during this pandemic, which unfortunately, is far from over. Congress recognized the needs of youth in foster care and provided emergency aid to help. Some young people in and from foster care have been able to access this lifeline, but a large number of them have not. More time is needed to ensure that more eligible young people experience the benefits intended by law. The relief was designed to assist young people who do not have adequate support networks. Ending those provisions on September 30th while the pandemic is still raging will cut off a crucial lifeline for young people without other avenues of support. Congress must take immediate action to ensure young people do not face a crisis on September 30th. It's time to #ReUpChafee so we can continue to #SustainFosterYouth

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