If you are a young person who experienced foster care AFTER the age of 14, not currently in foster care or ILP, you may qualify for emergency relief. Please note, we are currently waiting to obtain more information about age requirements for pandemic funding above the age of 23. Check back for more information. 

If you left care BEFORE 14, you are likely NOT eligible. 

Fill out the form below, or contact FosterClub at 503-717-1552 for assistance.

As a part of the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2020, youth who were in care at age 14 are eligible for additional funds as a part of the John H. Chafee Foster Care Independence Program. FosterClub is supporting the state of Oregon in distributing funds.  

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Proposed discretionary/emergency expenditures

Please note: you will be asked to provide documentation to verify expenses. This can include bills, repair estimates, an online shopping cart with items, receipts, leases, and/or a budget. 

To speed up the process, you may email documentation to help@fosterclub.com when you submit your request. 


Housing Payments:  The young person understands an additional budget form is required when requesting housing funds.  If young person is requesting on-going housing funds, a new budget document will be required each month to help determine financial support needed.  The young adult may request assistance from the Young Adult Navigator, their ILP Provider, or other trusted resource.  The Youth Transitions Program team is also available for assistance by email (include “COVID-19 Housing” on the subject line).

Agreement statement: The young person agrees that the costs are necessary to assist the young person to achieve or maintain the young person’s plan of independence. The young person will submit a statement/invoice for any on-going bill the funds are to assist with showing amount owed or monthly payment required. 

For a young person who has requested funds for a driver’s course, by initialing below, the young person also agrees to allow ODHS to send their identifying information to the Oregon Department of Transportation. This will allow ODHS to receive a refund for driver courses a young person completes successfully.

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We'll jump right into looking at your request!  Keep in mind - if you are submitting this on a weekend or in the evening when our office is closed, please allow some time for a FosterClubber to get back to you. You can also reach our office at 503-717-1552.