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Okay, so as you know i have been living in Seaside Oregon since June 6th. All i have to say is that I love being an allstar, it has challenged...

So today, Oregon CASA's all over the state came together for a day event where they requested six All-Stars to speak. We told our stories, and I feel like this...

Hey World, I currently have a problem with one of my younger siblings. He is 18 and we arent getting along so well. He blames me and the rest of...

I remember abruptly waking up to the sound of glass shattering and my baby sister screaming. I tried to look around in the darkness to figure out what was going...

Entering foster care

Hello Everyone, I have something on my mind which is rather troubling. I have noticed that several of my peers (foster kids/alums) have been making poor choices including myself. I...


Me and Celeste just got done with waterpolo and we're talking about success and fear -- this conversation made alot of sense and so i thought " hey why not...

Entering foster care

At this point, I have already participated in two conferences: Oregon and California!! I'm excited because I had a blast at both conferences. The Oregon conference was my first and...

The Memories of My Rape Won't Leave Me. By Anonymous It wasn't my fault. That's what people say. Still, it haunts me every day. I wonder all the time, what...

Entering foster care

Beating the Bullies Abuse made me angry. I took it out on others and myself. By Miguel A. I've had an anger problem for a long time. It has included...

Mental health

This story is taken from a blog post by Lupe, a FosterClub All-Star. The Holidays: When Things Get Rough I don't know about you guys out there, but, the holidays...

Mental health

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