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I have my memories. My past. Most of which I would rather not have gone through, but the reality of it is- its who I am. My past affected my...


I was raised as a Chinese American speaking Cantonese fluently and some Tosanese with my grandma. When I entered foster care at the age of 12, I was no longer...

Entering foster care

The books below are good reads about foster care from the youth perspective. They might be about someone's foster care experience, about the system, or maybe just written by someone...


Both the House and the Senate have acted unanimously to pass the

Fostering Connections to Success and Increasing Adoption Act.

Thank Congress for Passing Legislation to Reform the Nation's Foster...

Most young people who enter foster care have experienced abuse or neglect by a biological parent. Despite this fact, most young people will return to live with a biological parent...

Family relationships

In the U.S. today, there are more than 500,000 children living in foster care. Georgia alone has more than 14,000 children and young people in the foster care system. My...

Sibling separation

My foster care story is not a typical one, although I can’t say I have ever heard a ‘typical’ story about being in foster care. Unlike many children who suffer...

Entering foster care
Family relationships

As college students arrive at school and prepare to start the new academic year, I am reminded of the painful, bittersweet occasions that I – a young person who has...

Entering foster care
Family relationships

When I graduated from high school, all I could do was hope for a bright future. In my cap and gown, wearing a smile, I looked just like my classmates...

Entering foster care

Chris entered California’s foster care system at three months old, and remained in the system until he aged out at 18. “I jumped around a lot,” he recalls of his...

Entering foster care

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