Application Form: 2023 FosterClub All-Star Program Coach 

This is the application for FosterClub's 2023 All-Star Program Coach Position. The position will be collaborating with FosterClub staff for the entire All-Star season, including structuring the program, orientation, onboarding, and conference weeks.

Please visit before you apply for important program details including commitment dates, eligibility, duties, and more. 


  • Please answer the following questions. 
    • All questions with an asterisk (*) must be answered. 
    • Just do your best to answer honestly and represent your true self! 


Our goal is to select an All-Star Program Coach team that reflects diversity in culture, race, educational experience, skills, personal qualities, and foster care background. 

Applications close December 11, 2022

Questions? Contact us or call (503) 717-1552.

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All-Star Internship Background
Participation in the All-Star Internship is not a requirement, although preference is given to those who have.