Application Form: 2021 FosterClub All-Star Internship 

UPDATE: The All-Star application is open for selected states - VT, OR, RI & ID.  The deadline has passed for all other states. If you are not from one of the states listed, please do not apply. It will not be reviewed in this year's application pool.  We do hope you will apply again next year. 



  1. To have the best application experience, we strongly encourage you to create a *FREE* account on  This will allow you to save a draft of your application and will get you connected to our network right away. Go HERE to create an account. 
  2. Do your best to provide as complete of an application as possible. 
  3. For the essay questions, please provide a paragraph or two for each question. Please Note: Answers submitted are neither right nor wrong. 
  4. Remember: Our goal is to select an All-Star team that reflects diversity in culture, race, educational experience, skills, personal qualities, and foster care background.  Just do your best to answer honestly, and represent your true self!

The application deadline is open for selected states, VT, OR, RI & ID until May 1st.

All questions with an asterisk (*) must be answered.

Questions? Contact us or call (503) 717-1552.

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