Meet the 2016 All-Stars

Twenty five young leaders served a year-long internship with FosterClub, including an eight week in-residence experience at FosterClub headquarters.

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Concern Over the Uncertainty of the Affordable Care Act (ACA)

By lilrocker392 — Jan 13, 2017

For many, we wanted to start 2017 on a positive note but since the new year began, we have seen the changes of the new government begin to take effect. One of the most basic rights to citizens has been attacked and that is our access to healthcare... Read more


How Support Changed My Foster Care Story

By Tubaman05 — Aug 14, 2016

Unlike many, I never had someone treat me less than due to my status as a foster youth. However, I did have people look at me differently- just not in the way you would think. I have always been expected to succeed, regardless of my situation, being... Read more

Cody is a 2016 FosterClub All-Star intern.

My Competitive Edge

By Cody Rivera — Aug 12, 2016

No one has ever told me directly that I would not, or could not, do something because I was a foster child. However, what many individuals have done to me in my life is express my situation as an excuse for why I could not or would not do something... Read more

There Is More To Life To Prove

By lilrocker392 — Aug 12, 2016

There have been countless times where I was told I could or could not do something due to my status as a foster youth. I was not one to have low expectations and standards of myself but others have had that intention. There have been certain things... Read more


The 8 Letter Word - Normalcy

By Brittney Barros — Aug 12, 2016

Normalcy. Normalcy was something I was told I couldn't have because of my status as a foster youth. And there was so many aspects of this term that I lacked because of being in foster care. It was something I struggled with almost every day and it... Read more

If you would like to engage one of the 2016 FosterClub All-Star insterns, please contact FosterClub at 503-717-1552.

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